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Economic channel Saudi Arabia hosts CEO of Jazeera International Academy @ The Deputy Director of the National Committee for Training Eng. Abdulazeez Al-Awad Reviews the Successful Experiences to Eliminate Unemployment within the Second International Conference held in Jordan @ 100% Success Rate for the Academy`s Trainees in the Comprehensive Networking Diploma Test @ The Chamber of Commerce and Industry honours Aljazeera International Academy for the Effective Participation in the Current Training Season @ Four meetings to address the impediments to investment in the private training institutes@ English determines the salaries of employees in the Middle East@ Umm Al-Qura University honours Aljazeera International Academy for Participating in Sponsoring the First Student Exhibition for Scientific Miracles in Medical Sciences @ Al-Awad participates in Saudi-Swiss business events in Basel @ Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Riyadh thanks and appreciates the efforts of Executive President of Al Jazeera International Academy @ In a telephone intervention program Arabia morning ... Al-Awad: allocation for education in five years, equivalent to the budget of the Kingdom in 2012, and output are not commensurate with the huge allocations @ TV Dalil Channel host CEO of the Academy in the passport program@ Al Baha University and Al Jazeera International Academy participate in conference (18th International TESOL Arabia) @ Aljazeera International Academy signs a cooperation agreement with Britannia International College @ Engineer Al Awad has been elected as vice president of the National Committee for Training Council in Saudi Chambers @ Jazeera International Academy conducted research for measuring the level of satisfaction for students Baha University for services provided to them @ Deanship of the preparatory year at the University of Al-Baha celebrates the first open day sponsord by Rector of Al Baha University @ King Saud University thanks Al Jazeera International Academy @ Al Awad as a member of the executive committee of Saudization in Tourism and Travel sector @ Energy Research Institute at King Abdul Aziz city for Science and Technology thanks Al Jazeera International Academy @ Al Jazeera International Academy gets ISO 9001@
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